MOT & Servicing – Times they are a changin’

Everybody starts their search for a Used Car online these days, and it is also going that way for parts, MOTs and Servicing bookings. People have simply had enough of paying over the odds, and in the age of the world wide web, garages and MOT centres are getting wise to this fact.

It is no longer just the big chains that have web presence. Smaller, independent garages are popping up on the internet everyday, with websites built to get them more bookings, by way of online interaction.,,, and have all popped up in the past week or so, and it is a clear sign to the bigger chains that these independent, smaller operations mean business, and they will not be left behind!

iPhone 5 Review (My new phone/SAT-NAV)

After 3 years of having the same phone (iPhone 3GS), I purchased the new iPhone 5 last month, one of the main reasons being that I was looking at buying a SAT-NAV for my Used Ford Fiesta, and was impressed with the new turn-by-turn 3D maps software, so thought i’d save my money on the SAT-NAV and get a new iPhone instead. I’ve now spent a few weeks with my new SAT-NAV/toy/gadget/phone, so I thought I would share my views on it.

iPhone 5 Unboxing

I was instantly impressed with the solid – but lightweight – feel of the phone, and even more impressed with the fact that within 5 minutes (over the WI-FI at work) I had everything transferred onto my new handset via iCloud. Literally everything. Obviously completely irrelevant if you are switching from a non-Apple phone. But I wasn’t. So, all good so far.

The new earphones, whilst still not the best ear buds money can buy, are a huge improvement, and the new (stick it in either way it doesn’t matter) charging cable is a nice touch, although I am sure it will annoy a few dock owning purchasers.

iPhone 5 Speed

The phone is remarkably quick in comparison to my iPhone 3GS, but obviously, nobody is interested in that comparison. The new A6 processor seems to hold its own against all the other big boys, and whether you are browsing the internet or switching between the apps in the iOS, the phone is very slick to use.

iPhone 5 Screen

Personally, I think the screen is my iPhone’s favourite feature, it is quite simply stunning. In comparison to the competition, I think it is a class above the rest in terms of sharpness, vibrancy and colour. With regards to the size, I happen to be in the ‘I like to use my phone with one hand while I scratch my arse with the other’ camp, so it is perfect for me. But if you like a bigger screen on your phone, then you may feel short changed.

iPhone 5 Maps issue

I’ve used my new ‘SAT-NAV’ 3 times, and all 3 times I have arrived at the correct destination. Obviously I am one of the lucky ones, who hasn’t had their life well and truly ruined by arriving at an incorrect destination. Not only did I arrive safely in the right place but I really liked the slick feel of the turn-by-turn software, and particularly liked the way it reduced the volume of my music to announce the directions, instead of abruptly silencing my track to blurt out ‘keep right in 50 yards’, or, as an external SAT-NAV would have done, try to compete with my music and end up going unheard. At one point, whilst directing me to my destination, with a backing track of Leann Rimes ‘How do I?’, my girlfriend actually said that Siri sounded quite romantic and that she felt like she was being seduced. I will soon be buying one of those cool holders that go inside my cars CD slot, and make it look like the phone is floating in front of my dashboard. On a separate note, the 3D image thingy for looking round cities is also astonishing.

iPhone 5 Siri

Very impressed with the accuracy of Siri, I hear people moan about it, but I question their expectations. Siri is perfect for things like reminders, checking footy scores, typing texts when you are hung over and can’t be bothered to type, setting alarms, Googling, and asking for directions. But I guess people are asking too much of the poor guy, either that or they can’t speak properly.

iPhone 5 Camera

I haven’t used the camera that much but when I have, the results have impressed me. The panoramic addition is neat, and the fact it can take good quality photos in a dark nightclub is also more than welcome.

iPhone 5 Value for money

The 16GB handset, which I went for, set me back £529. Not cheap obviously, but after looking around the market, the other big players seemed to be similarly priced, but you will get more storage space for your money with some competitors, if this is important to you.

iPhone 5 Summary

Obviously, it is a question of preference, there are a few brilliant handsets out there at the moment, but the iPhone 5 is my personal favourite of all the phones currently on the market.


Busman’s holiday

First off, I must apologise for my leave of absence. I’ve been spending a few weeks down on the south coast, catching up with some old friends of mine who live in Bognor Regis.

While I was down there, my friend (who shall remain nameless) was looking to buy a used car and, being the petrolhead in my social circle, I was tasked with providing as much sound advice on buying second hand cars as I could.

Should I buy diesel? Should I get an extended warranty? Should I worry about resale values?

All in all, it turned out to be a bit of a busman’s holiday and, combined with the shocking weather, my week in Bognor turned out to be as much fun as, well, a week in Bognor.

In the end, I pointed my nameless friend towards, a good website for finding used cars all over the UK.

Not only does this get my friend off my back, it also means that he can send me the links to the cars he wants, for me to give him the thumbs up or thumbs down.

Maybe next year I’ll go to Lanzarote…

How The Internet Has Grown

Over the past ten, fifteen – even twenty – years we have been witness to the rise of the global phenomenon that is the internet. Over this time, particularly in more recent years, the growth of the internet has been truly astronomical.

Go back to twelve years ago and the year 2000, for example. The global population was a little over 6 billion and there were around 361 million people using the internet. This means that roughly 6% of people in the world were surfing the net at the time.

Fast forward to 2012 where the population of the world is now at about 7 billion. The number of people currently using the internet has risen to over 2.3 billion – more than 6 times the amount of people who were using the web in 2000 and 33% of the total population.

Why has the internet grown so fast? Well there are countless factors which can explain why the web has “boomed” in the way it has and why it looks set to continue to grow.

Technology is always improving, and as such computers are being more mass-produced and retailing at more affordable prices. As businesses expand with technology there is a greater demand for more people to be computer and internet literate. People can do more than ever before with the internet now, from buying their weekly food shop online to making bank transfers, to name but a few reasons.

So use the internet to search for your next used car at

So with the growth we’ve witnessed over the past decade or so, who knows what sort of numbers we could be ogling over in disbelief in fifteen years’ time say? 5 billion internet users worldwide? It’s sure to make for an interesting read.