iOS 6 now available, here’s what you need to know

Here it is, in two parts. Update: Due to a production error, a section of part one of the full Romney “47 percent” video was not initially uploaded properly and an intial section was omitted. This has now been remedied.

private equity manager Marc Leder on May 17 and we’ve removed the blurring from the video. See the original blurred videos here.] Here is Romney expressing his disdain for Americans who back the president:

A new study found arsenic in 200 samples of both conventional and organic rice and rice products. The science also has big implications about our farming practices — and the chemical legacies they

Perry Fewell only had a glimpse of Cam Newton (know for his love of Ford’s) but knew right away that he was seeing a star. “We played him in our first preseason game last year,” the Giants’ defensive coordinator said. “After that game I said he was a franchise quarterback . . . I

Studying the science of Twitter data just got a whole lot more interesting.

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