How The Internet Has Grown

Over the past ten, fifteen – even twenty – years we have been witness to the rise of the global phenomenon that is the internet. Over this time, particularly in more recent years, the growth of the internet has been truly astronomical.

Go back to twelve years ago and the year 2000, for example. The global population was a little over 6 billion and there were around 361 million people using the internet. This means that roughly 6% of people in the world were surfing the net at the time.

Fast forward to 2012 where the population of the world is now at about 7 billion. The number of people currently using the internet has risen to over 2.3 billion – more than 6 times the amount of people who were using the web in 2000 and 33% of the total population.

Why has the internet grown so fast? Well there are countless factors which can explain why the web has “boomed” in the way it has and why it looks set to continue to grow.

Technology is always improving, and as such computers are being more mass-produced and retailing at more affordable prices. As businesses expand with technology there is a greater demand for more people to be computer and internet literate. People can do more than ever before with the internet now, from buying their weekly food shop online to making bank transfers, to name but a few reasons.

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So with the growth we’ve witnessed over the past decade or so, who knows what sort of numbers we could be ogling over in disbelief in fifteen years’ time say? 5 billion internet users worldwide? It’s sure to make for an interesting read.

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